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Ian Brooker is a versatile character actor working in the film, television, theatre, and radio/audio drama industries.

In 2012 he won the Best Actor in a Feature award at the Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival, Buffalo NY, for his role of Eddie Brewer, the paranormal investigator, in The Casebook of Eddie Brewer (2012, Rookery Pictures). The film was released in the USA in 2015.

Recently he worked on two further feature films: as Mr Black in the darkly comedic thriller, iWitness (directed by Steve Rainbow, Rainbow Films), and as the enigmatic Father Robert in the sci-fi spectacular, Kaleidoscope Man (directed by Simon Cox, Alpha Star Productions) which will be completed in 2015. He also played the infamous Dr Harold Shipman in a two part drama-documentary, Harold Shipman: Driven to Kill and Catching Doctor Death for Channel 5.

He has appeared in over fifty radio drama productions for BBC Radio 4 & 3 and for many years played the voice of Radio Borsetshire, Wayne Foley, in The Archers.

He has been a prolific voice actor for companies such as Big Finish, Spiteful Puppet, Noise Monster and Games Workshop. With Big Finish he made his debut in the Doctor Who world with the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) adventure, Embrace the Darkness, in 2001. Since then he has recorded over seventy Big Finish audio dramas in the Doctor Who, Doctor Who Unbound, UNIT, Dalek Empire, Cyberman, 2000 AD, Sapphire & Steel, Tomorrow People, Bernice Summerfield and Pathfinder Legends ranges - sometimes playing several characters in a production.

He is the only actor to have played both Doctor Who (the shortest-lived incarnation ever at the end of Full Fathom Five) and Doctor Who’s creator, Sydney Newman (with alternating Canadian and Australian accents in Rob Shearman’s Deadline), but also several weird and less than wonderful aliens including the robotic R.O.S.M, the scary Cimmerians and Solarians in Embrace the Darkness, the Dalek-like Supreme One in Deadline, the eerie Shewstone in A Storm of Angels, the Krotons in Return of the Krotons, and the Viyrans in Dark Eyes 2: The White Room. He also voiced the talking elephant, Surus, in Doctor Who Unbound: Auld Mortality.

Ian can also be heard as human characters such as Assistant Commissioner Anderson in Brian Clemens’ thriller, Holmes and the Ripper; and as Sir Francis Walsingham with the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, in Doctor Who: The Lost Stories: Point of Entry; as the great actor, Sir Jack Merrivale, in The Demons of Red Lodge: Special Features (with the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison), as Captain OhOne in Destiny of the Doctor: Shockwave (with Sophie Aldred as Ace); and as Doctor Herbert Goring in Dark Eyes 2: The White Room (with Paul McGann).

In the six part series, Pathfinder Legends: The Rise of the Runelords (Paizo/Big Finish), Ian starred as one of the four heroes of the series - as the iconic tea-drinking dwarvan ranger, Harsk. In 2015 he will be returning as the same character for a second series.

In 2014 Ian made his debut as a voice actor for Games Workshop in their Warhammer and Horus Heresy audio drama and audio book ranges. Now a regular member of the team, he has recorded the voices of a number of iconic figures such as Leman Russ in Parting of the Ways, Roboute Guilliman in Stratagem, and Fabius Bile in Fabius Bile: Repairer of Ruin and Chirurgeon.

Ian has recently been working for Spiteful Puppet on their Hood series – which won the Best On-line or Non-Broadcast Audio Drama at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2015. In Hood: Warrior’s Harvest he played the alcoholic Brother Stephen; and in Hood: King’s Command he played the French thief, Peter Le Voleur.

"My Life as Doctor Who"
I played the shortest-lived incarnation of Dr Who
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